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Linktry make it super simple to short, track, analysis and manage your links and Awesome features you’ll love to use.

Features that allow you to Grow your Business 2x Faster

Visitor Tracker
You can track how many click your URL got, in which country, device, browser, operating system and much more.
  • Find out where your traffic from
  • Understand what channels are most effective
  • Find out which city your traffic from
Retargeting Pixels
You can easily integrate with your favourite retargeting platforms. You can add retargeting pixels from Facebook,Quora,Google Analytics,Google Tag Manager,Google Ads,Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
Dedicated Dashboard
We provide a dadicated dashboard for you to manage all of your links and data. You can easily analyse all of your link analytics on a monthly basis. source of traffic, top links, and much more

Easy to Build Link in Bio and track the performance

Create link in bio Easily
Make custom-design bio pages where you can list all of your links, videos. You can put them all in one page and share them in your instagram bio or use them in any website.
Easy to use, Beautiful results
Linktry's user-friendly interface will have you creating the perfect bio link in minutes! With options for a modern or classic look, you're sure to find something you love.

Track your Business with our advanced Dashboard

Our advanced dashboard will help you track your link's performance every month. You will also receive weekly or daily performance reports for all of your links.

You can find your link's traffic source, referrals, geolocation of your traffic and much more. This will allow you to understand your audience and the performance of your link every month, week, and daily.

Shorten links using your branded domain to increase click-through rates.

You can easily replace (linktry.me) with your own custom domain in both short links and link in bio links. We will support your own domain like link.mycompany.com. Track the link's performance. This will increase your brand awareness and get more clicks and conversions with short links that reflect your reputation.
Boost Brand Awarness
Convertion Rate

Add More Links  with less effort.

Organized Links gives you more Insight.
With linktry you can organize your links with proper names that’s called workspace in linktry. you can also track the performance of your workspace
Advanced Link targeting
Linktry also offers an advanced Feature that allows you to define different targets for your links based on the user's browser, operating system or country.
Target by country
Target by OS, browser, language
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Customize your social Media Links
With Linktry allow you to customize your link with two clicks, You can Edit the title, the description and the picture
All features included in free Plan
Export data to your laptop
You can easily export your link datas as json or csv in just 1 click
Create short URL in just 2 sec
#1 Powerful Link tacking tool in the market

Protect your link from unwanted traffic

Protected By password

Consider protecting the URL in some way, like by putting a password to enter it. This will only allow people who know the password to access it.

In linktry, you can quickly and easily set a password, then after clicking on a short link, a form for entering the password will be displayed and only after entering it. you will redirected to target URL

Integrate your favorite Platform

With linktry you can add your favorite social media pixel to your shortlinks and link in bio page. then you can retarget them in future.

And also add embered video and music in your link in bio page

Friendly support that cares

We want to help you as much as possible, which is why whenever you contact us, one of our team members will always get back to you within 24 hours.
If you face any issue or problem, you can easily report it to us using our live chat feature, and you can request a new feature through it. We will always consider your request.

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